Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) are currently being developed by the W3C Credentials Community Group. The DID and DID Resolution specifications are constantly evolving, and so is the Universal Resolver implementation. Understand that everything about DIDs and the Universal Resolver is subject to change at any time.

DID Universal Resolver
A Universal Resolver is an identifier resolver that works with any decentralized identifier system, including Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs).
Example DID's:
  1. did:blockid:320b856aed5fe82a2c77a3241048208c4fe9eb3
  2. did:sov:WRfXPg8dantKVubE3HX8pw
  3. did:btcr:xz35-jznz-q6mr-7q6
  4. did:ethr:0xE6Fe788d8ca214A080b0f6aC7F48480b2AEfa9a6
  5. did:eth:0x3b0BC51Ab9De1e5B7B6E34E5b960285805C41736
  6. did:muport:Qmbrpc3gKtapsL5k6nZuzYvoMQZwMup5qWvss1q4XuaRJd
  7. did:jolo:e76fb4b4900e43891f613066b9afca366c6d22f7d87fc9f78a91515be24dfb21
  8. did:elem:sscP2_bGvj2z6qnSV68ja-WR8WKCLTvNoRJjYSBvDZs
  9. did:hcr:0f674e7e-4b49-4898-85f6-96176c1e30de
  10. did:neoid:priv:b4eeeb80d20bfb38b23001d0659ce0c1d96be0aa
  11. did:erc725:ropsten:2F2B37C890824242Cb9B0FE5614fA2221B79901E
  12. did:ipid:QmYA7p467t4BGgBL4NmyHtsXMoPrYH9b3kSG6dbgFYskJm
  13. did:stack:v0:16EMaNw3pkn3v6f2BgnSSs53zAKH4Q8YJg-0
  14. did:uport:2omWsSGspY7zhxaG6uHyoGtcYxoGeeohQXz

DID's and DID Resolution are by definition meant to be decentralized. Under the BlockID domain name we are running an instance of the DID Universal Resolver, but you should not rely on this instance alone for DID resolution. From your perspective, you should treat BlockID as an untrusted third party that could theoretically manipulate DID Resolution results. Instead, you should run your own instance of the DID Universal Resolver or other DID Resolution tools to integrate with your applications and services.